1. Before furniture is placed onto the bamboo floor, floor protector pads should be installed on the bottom of all furniture legs. Also, rugs should be placed on high traffic pathways. Avoid rubber backed or non – ventilated rugs.

2.When moving heavy furniture, always pick up the furniture rather than sliding it across the floors.

3. Vacuum or sweep floor regulary. If you do sweep , we recommend nylon brooms, as straw booms tend to be too rough on some floor finishes.

4. Immediately clean food and liquid spills with a slightly dampened cloth, then dry the floor with a soft cloth or towel.

5. Do not walk on the floor with spike high heels or athletic cleats.

6.Keep pets claws properly trimmed to avoid excess scratches and gouges.

7. Do not use household cleaning products (such as ammonia, air spray etc), which damage the floor finish and also may leave the floor slippery or sticky.

8. Do not  clean the floor with scrubbing machinery or power scrubber .

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